About Me

I am a fast learning computer scientist with experience in Computer Vision. I am always looking forward to implement state-of-the-art techniques and algorithms to solve real life problems, specially but not exclusively if it is related to Computer Vision or Robotics. This interest is what lead me to find my current job as a student research assistant in the computer vision department.

With a degree in Computer Engineering I have good knowledge in several fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Linear Algebra, Databases, Object Oriented Programming and Algorithm Design, that can be in the creation of new projects. During the development of my bachelor's thesis, I learned and used the algorithm of SIFT to detect and find objects in scenes, and track them in a subsequent images.

My passion for computer vision and robotics is what influence my decision to come to Germany and pursue my Master in Science degree and furthermore, to choose my area of research for my thesis (Calibration and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Multiple RGB-D Cameras). While pursuing my Master's degree, I have gain more knowledge related to Computer Vision, Cognitive Robotics, Cryptography, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning state-of-the-art and basic algorithms.

In my previous jobs, I polished my teamwork experience and gain working experience with version control software, i.e. GIT and SVN. Also, it help me refine my coding abilities in C++ and PHP, using libraries such as OpenCV, QT and PCL, and frameworks like CakePHP.

Currently I am in pursue of new opportunities as a Computer Vision Researcher or any related work and I can be reached at any moment through my email pablo [at] pabloaponte.com or via the contact form.